Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is Obama Planning to Sign Congress' Health Care Reform Bill with Lipstick? Wendell Potter

Every dollar you donate to the Center for Media and Democracy at the link where Wendell Porter blogs on the health insurance mess goes to support the work of Wendell Potter who has been the most effective spokesperson counteracting the Health Insurance company's propaganda.

He is located at will go to support Wendell Porter former Top Propagandist for CIGNA Health Insurance who is now free to talk about how he and his team were able to manipulate the press/media and congress and the people to accept healthcare insurance from corporations which are duty-bound to keep increasing their profits to satisfy Wall Street or we investors. No one dares ask the question whether we really need to keep increasing profits at the sacrifice of most Americans who are arbitrarily fired to boost records profits even higher.

Is Obama Planning to Sign Congress' Health Care Reform Bill with Lipstick? Wendell Potter

... Having worked in the health insurance industry for 20 years, I know Obama and Clinton right in insisting that a public health insurance plan is vital to reform. A public plan not only will serve to "keep the private insurers honest," as Obama used to say before he started waffling, but it also will provide millions of people who now have no insurance at all with good coverage at a more affordable price. That's because the big for-profit insurers waste increasingly big chunk of your premium dollars on nonessential things like exorbitant CEO salaries and profits for the big institutional investors who own them. A public plan would not waste your precious dollars that way. ... [Top 1 percent own half of the stocks. jim]

Those who do not have insurance seem to be more easily fooled by the healthcare Insurance industry than those who do not watch FOX Cable.

You will be amazed at how good the propaganda has been used to completely change many opinions about the incomplete health reform bill. One of the best Wendell Potter gives us all the juicy details on how they controlled all of us even though we pay exorbitant fees to get healthcare without the guarantee that we will get it when we are in life or death situations. Just three of these so-called minor Healthcare Insurers rejected the claims of 20,000 people in one year as reported by Rachel Maddow at . Read Wendell Potter's blog at .

Everything we believe about how Capitalism works is not the whole truth because in practice, corporations prefer to have have essentially local monopolies so they do not have to compete and can maximize profits. This is the situation in many cities and towns with Healthcare Insurance where one or two companies control the whole market. This is most evident in the corporate press/media. Profits margins have been routinely as high as 50 percent in the past!

You have no choice on picking your cable company and your only choice is go to satellite television which requires the ability to have the right exposure and the ability to put an antenna on your roof which may be prohibited by the community.

This essentially monopoly of communication on television and radio by corporations insures that their message gets prominence.

We need to support General Electric NBC in its effort to give us something closer to the truth on MSNBC. They were taking a big risk because television depends on advertising for revenue from conservative corporations. The commentators go from conservative in Morning Joe at 6-9 AM ET and gets more liberal during prime time with Olbermann at 8 PM ET and Rachel Maddow at 9 PM ET. California time is 3 hours earlier.

As long as the audience is willing to sacrifice or record prime time shows and get a large enough of the right audience, advertisers will stick. The audience for Maddow and Olbermann is significantly younger and upscale than CNN and FOX. How do I know? It has been reported and usually I can tell easily by the advertisements. The average age for Rush Limbaugh's radio audience, the de facto leader of the Republican Party is 67. Yes, SIXTY SEVEN!

Jim Kawakami, August 20, 2009,

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