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Howard Dean Tramples Newt Gingrich in Healthcare Debate

ABC's This Week - George Stephanopoulos: 8/9/09: Howard Dean, Newt Gingrich Debate Health Care, Pt. 1 7 Minutes

I watched my DVR recording of the Howard Dean vs Newt Gingrich debating Healthcare this morning. Dr. Dean did not try to refute every lie Gingrich told, but when he said that government control of Healthcare will deny many more procedures than the current Corporate Healthcare system, Dr. Howard Dean pounced!

The comments that killed everything Gingrich was lying about healthcare:
Dr. Howard Dean "When I was practicing medicine in Vermont, Medicare never questioned how I treated my patients. But I got many calls from corporate Healthcare where they denied many procedures and treatments by refusing to pay for it."

President Nixon introduced HMOs only when he was told that Corporate healthcare will make money by excluding sicker people from joining.

They also excluded even people who had medication treated high blood pressure as my cousin discovered who is a staunch Republican. My cousin Jane lost her healthcare from Disney when she was fired after a management change.

Because Obesity and corresponding Metabolic Syndrome is so high in our system diabetes and kidney loss has mushroomed, more and more people will be denied care for Corporations because these patients are so expensive.

If a person loses a job either through changing jobs, illness or layoffs, they might not be able to get corporate healthcare again. A government option is crucial for Americans to have medical security.

Obama Care will allow you to change jobs because corporate healthcare will not be able to deny a job and healthcare due to pre-existing medical problems. That is why the Government Option like Medicare, Congressional Care, and the Veterans Hospital are examples of the best medical care available.

The #1 healthcare provider, The Mayo Clinic, has been compared favorable with the Veterans Hospital which eventually we will need to get to provide the best care at a lower price. Primary Care and Specialists are all in one place so a patient does not have to make another appointment to get an evaluation immediately if necessary. Instead of the doctor seeing you for 5-10 minutes, the doctors take all the time necessary to make a diagnosis. For example one patient spent one hour to get a proper evaluation.

Heaven forbid that you have to treat cancer or get an organ transplant. They will try to find something in your application that was left out such as acne treatments by a doctor to drop you saying you committed fraud!

In the movie SICKO by Michael Moore and in the news when it is not suppressed, one woman and a man who needed cancer treatments to keep her alive were dropped. Even one teenager who needed a liver transplant to stay alive died because CIGNA denied treatment saying it was experimental. The girl got the nurses and others behind her, but CIGNA delayed granting the operation until they knew she was going to die at any time.

Wendell Potter was Head of Communications at CIGNA and developed a strategy to keep this out of the news. He must have been very successful because I don't recall this happening, but it is fairly frequent. It was very hard to get approval for a kidney transplant for myself. They use such tricks as not approving the hospital or even doctors.

Potter changed his attitude only when he saw thousands of White Southerners at a Virginia Health Fair coming from Southern States who were teated in horse stalls and gurneys without privacy treated an overflowing crowd of people without health insurance or a Dentist.

He decided to retire early and start talking about corporate profit maximizers Health Care (?). Corporate Healthcare increased your portion of the cost FOUR TIMES HIGHER THAN INFLATION.

Senator Rockefeller's committee interviewed Potter on Healthcare, but the only place I was able to see a video was on C-SPAN! CORPORATE TELEVISION DEPENDS ON ADVERTISERS SO THEY DON'T WANT TO OFFEND THEM.

Dr. Howard Dean, MD, substituted for Keith Olbermann for two nights on MSNBC,

Also see Moyers Interview Wendell Potter. He knows all the Corporate Healthcare secrets and he is talking! See video, transcript, or audio.

Jim Kawakami
August 9, 2009 Health, Financials

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