Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Michael Moore Movie SICKO Shows Us How France, England, Canada, and Cuba Keep Sick Alive

The link below has the whole 2 hour movie that gives us the truth about our healthcare system for those with Health Insurance verses the truly humane healthcare for all that costs half as much. Yes, the amoral Healthcare Corporations and Big Pharma, will let people die rather than diminish profits. Do we prefer to die, in order to keep free enterprise Corporate Healthcare? Do you realize that corporations often fire people, especially those over age forty who cost them more, when they just reported recorded profits. Pay attention!

If you cannot watch the movie on your computer, go see it at a friends house or at the library or university or other schools. Many apartment complexes have broadband computers as do exercise gyms, hotels, etc.

Jim Kawakami
August 12, 2099

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