Sunday, August 2, 2009

The CDC Estimates Nearly 40 Percent of American Adults are Considered Obese!

The article is quite complete with tables and charts for various states. The South seems to have by far the most obese and seems to correlate with the income of its population. Fast Food is cheaper than store bought food and packs a huge calorie count. Its combination of fat, sugar, and salt results in the activation of our reward center to put out dopamine so it is extremely hard to resist. We are encouraged to eat at anytime.

The former FDA head, David Kessler, The End of Overeating goes into his findings that Fast Food and snack foods works on our reward center so it is similar to the craving for an illegal drug. Extremely hard to give up. It is similar to a problem alcoholics have giving up drinking. It is a very short Best Selling Books with lots of references and notes. By knowing whats in your food can help greatly is avoiding foods that will kill your ability to resist so support the bill to force fast food regular restaurants as a start to list fats, sugar, salt, and calories for the food you eat.

I found this out on my own so I never eat in a Fast Food joint and rarely buy snacks which contains all of the dopamine generators.


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