Saturday, August 15, 2009

Obama and Lawrence O'Donnell on Hardball Give Great Performances!

Friday was a good day for President Obama and Lawrence O'Donnell who has been subbing for Chris Mathews on Hardball. I don't watch it if Chris is on, but I love O'Donnell.

Obama finally started take another tack of calling it Health Insurance Reform over and over again instead of Heathcare Reform. By emphasizing what worries most people, this emphasis will really help. Obama's one hour speech and questions from the audience. The Montana audience was surprisingly civil with first come, first serve entrance. Cobra is so expensive that most people who lose their jobs cannot afford it. Obama said he will reduce its cost by two-thirds! Three insurance companies have cancelled 20,000 cancer patients by finding minor cases of such things as ache. He talked about his mother who was dying of cancer and they told her that you should have known you had cancer before she took a new job even though it was not diagnosed! She was calling while she was dying!

Obama got a standing ovation at the end of the session.

O'Donnell is the first one that really put the Texas Repub Culberson on the spot by asking him whether he would vote against Medicare and Social Security. O'Donnell on Hardball would not accept a bullshit answer.

One very interesting thing that Culberson said was that the MSNBC ratings are going down and they are losing advertising. I suspect that they are again doing the Stepford Republicans plan of really harassing advertisers. They may have got the idea from getting advertisers to leave.
We should try to e-mails supporting the programs you like and why.


Jim Kawakami
Aug 15, 2009

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